EuroPris Membership: Stronger Together

EuroPris is a membership organisation that obtains its income from annual membership fees and through financial support from the Criminal Justice Programme of the European Union. Members of EuroPris are national prison agencies across Europe.

In accordance with the EuroPris statutes, European countries from the Council of Europe region can join EuroPris.

EuroPris relies on the contribution and support from its Members to become a sustainable organisation with greater financial independence. Our Members contribute a membership fee based on a gross-domestic product tiered structure. With this differentiation in contribution EuroPris wants to ensure that all countries, including those currently experiencing financial limitations, will not face a financial hurdle to becoming members of the organisation.

Members of EuroPris benefit in a variety of ways through our supportive network which facilitates communication between national prison agencies and encourages collaboration and information sharing to address the many practical, unique (and often difficult) issues that we face in our daily professional work.  Members can take part in EuroPris related activities such as workshops and expert groups, they have the ability to access our Register of Experts for advice to specific questions, and Members can access our internal resources and systems for information sharing.  Membership with EuroPris can also bring a financial advantage through the reimbursement of travel and accommodation fees for attendance of our events and activities.

Our membership is expanding quickly with a number of national prison agencies having already joined our Organisation. We aim to strengthen our network through the continued collaboration with our Members and we will strive to be as inclusive as possible to ensure that all national prison agencies across Europe can join us in the shared interest of enhancing prison and correctional services.

To join and support the work of EuroPris or to find out more please contact us


ALBANIA General Directorate of Prisons
AUSTRIA Federal Ministry of Justice
BELGIUM Belgian Prison Service
BULGARIA General Directorate Execution of Sentences
CATALONIA General Directorate of Prison Regime and Resources
CROATIA Ministry of Justice: Prison System Directorate
CYPRUS Ministry of Justice and Public Order: Department of Prisons
CZECH REPUBLIC Prison Service of the Czech Republic
DENMARK Department of Prisons and Probation
ENGLAND & WALES Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS)
ESTONIA Ministry of Justice: Department of Prisons
FINLAND Criminal Sanctions Agency (RISE)
GEORGIA Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia: Department of Penitentiary
GERMANY Federal Ministry of Justice
IRELAND Irish Prison Service
Ministry of Justice: Department of Penitentiary Administration
LATVIA Latvian Prison Administration
LITHUANIA Ministry of Justice: Prison Department
LUXEMBOURG Ministry of Justice: Department of Prisons
Institute for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions
NETHERLANDS Department of Correctional Institutions (DJI)
NORTHERN IRELAND Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS)
NORWAY The Directorate of the Norwegian Correctional Service
PORTUGAL General Directorate of Probation and Prison Services
ROMANIA National Administration of Penitentiaries
SCOTLAND Scottish Prison Service
SLOVAKIA General Directorate of the Corps of Prison and Court Guard
SLOVENIA Prison Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
SWEDEN Swedish Prison and Probation Administration
TURKEY General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses



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