Active Inclusion Learning Network

Active Inclusion Learning NetworkNOMS

– The Troubled Families event, in London, UK, on 9-10th April

– The Disaffected Youth event, in Stockholm, Sweden,on 19-20th May

-The Marginalised in Communities event, Athens, Greece on 11-12th June

The National Offender Management Service (NOMS) for England and Wales is currently managing an European Social Fund (ESF) trans-national Network, funded through the European Commission, called the Active Inclusion Learning Network.

The Network is looking at the themes of Troubled Families, Disaffected Youth and Marginalised in Communities. Its aim is to tackle unemployment amongst these disadvantaged groups by enhancing social inclusion and preventing stigmatisation. NOMS is looking for participants with expertise in the field of social inclusion to attend these events, where they will contribute to the reviewing process of collected practices about the inclusion of vulnerable groups into the labour market.

More detailed information here.

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