Radicalisation in prisons

The EuroPris Radicalisation in Prison Expert Group has developed in 2017 a paper on topics of interest to the European Prison Agencies and can be downloaded on our website:
Radicalisation in Prison Expert Group Meeting 2016
The Radicalisation Expert Group met on 27 April in Barcelona, after the Criminal Justice Platform (CJP) Seminar on Radicalisation and Violent Extremism on 26 April. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the papers that the experts are developing on: Prison Chaplaincy and Risk Assessment Tools. The draft version of the Prison Chaplaincy paper was presented and discussed at the CJP Seminar.
Download the final paper on Prison Chaplaincy

Radicalisation in Prison Expert Group Meeting 2015
The first Meeting of the EuroPris Radicalisation Expert Group took place on 24 & 25 November 2015 in Vienna, Austria. The meeting was attended by representatives from 9 European National Agencies (Austria, Germany, Norway, Catalonia, Northern Ireland, Estonia, Bulgaria,  and Turkey). During the meeting, the experts shared details on their current work, programs they have going or are developing and challenges that they face. The experts decided on the next steps of the Expert Group, further exploring the topics of Risk assessment tools, Identification of radicalised offenders and Chaplaincy.

Background Information

After the events in France and Denmark in 2015 radicalisation has become a top priority on the agenda of the EU and Council of Europe and in many national administrations. Much attention is paid to the work of prison services in detection, prevention, treatment and de-radicalisation of radicalized offenders. Not much of the actions taken is evidence based and prison services struggle in finding the right approach and methods to deal with this subject.

EuroPris’ aim is to bring practitioners in the prisons’ arena together to promote ethical and rights-based imprisonment, improve prison conditions and the professionalism of staff. Prison and correctional Services in Europe face similar problems but do not necessarily share similar levels in development or resources. It is therefore critical for correctional professionals. EuroPris plays an important role in advancing the exchange of knowledge and best practice throughout Europe. EuroPris Expert Group on Radicalisation has been established to advance these aims and goals.

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