Victims Support

The three partners of the Criminal Justice Platform (EuroPris, CEP, EFRJ) organized on 11 and 12 March 2015 an expert meeting on the implementation of the EU Victims Directive in the Centre for Legal Studies in Barcelona. Experts from the field of Restorative Justice, Probation and Prison from 6 countries and representatives of the European Commission discussed the issues they were facing in the implementation and presented steps and tools that supported this process. The Directive covers practical, emotional and legal aspects in the protection of and support to Victims of crime. Most challenging is the fact that a cultural shift needs to be accomplished by all the actors in the criminal justice chain who are dealing directly or indirectly with victims. 

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Click here for the informal notes of the meeting.

EuroPris, Victims Support Europe, the European Forum for Restorative Justice and CEP jointly established in 2012 in the Criminal Justice Platform (CJP). The Platform will focus in the  coming years on supporting the implementation of the EU Directive 2012/29/EU establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime. As a first step a workshop was organized in Barcelona on 18th-19th June 2013.

This workshop focused on 4 articles of the Directive:

  1. communication,
  2. change of culture,
  3. restorative justice and
  4. training of professionals.

The experts from all four organisations that participated at the meeting elaborated jointly the specific needs in these four areas and how the Platform should address these needs in a joint project. The European Prison Agencies were represented on this group with participants from the Belgian Prison Service, Swedish Prison and Probation Service, Romanian National Administration of Penitentiaries and the National Offender Management Service (England & Wales).

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