Penal Games 2018 in Côte d’Azur (Saint-Raphaël)

The Comité Régional Olympique et sportif de la Côte d’Azur (Olympic and Sportive Regional Committee of Côte d’Azur) is inviting detainees to their famous sport event of the French Penal System called “Jeux Pénitentiaires 2018” (Penal Games 2018).

The Penal Games 2018 will take place in Côte d’Azur (Saint-Raphaël), and it will allow detainees to be involved in a social rehabilitation project, where physical activity has an important part, to prepare their return in the civil society. To lead this project successfully, the OSRC (Olympic and Sportive Regional Committee) Côte d’Azur will be supported by all the Leagues and Committees form the French Riviera territory. The co-founder of the event, the French Penal Administration Directory will use his decentralized departments such as inter-regional organizations, the penal establishments and their partners’ network to whom they will delegate some responsibilities in the organization of the project.

The detainees who will subscribe to this event will have to obtain the permission of judges in order to go out from the prison, to participate to the competition. The “Jeux Pénitentiaires 2018”, experimented in 2012 and 2014 by the Olympic and Sportive Regional Committee of Côte d’Azur in collaboration with the French Penal Administration Directory, will gather on a single week, competitions and sport activities (initiations to new sport disciplines) as well as an employment forum (so that it will facilitate the professional rehabilitation of detainees).

In order to develop this event and to extend it to the European scale, we thought that it would be smart to welcome some new delegations (of maximum 3 persons) from different prisons throughout the continent. That is the reason why, it would be a real honor for us to have you by our side. You will only have to spend money on your transport to join us, anything else (food, hotel, accommodation) will be handled by our services.

Find out more about the Penal Games 2018 on their website or contact:

The official letter from the Président du Comité Régional Olympique et Sportif de la Côte d’Azur, Ivan Coste Maniere

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