Technology in Corrections Conference

EuroPris in cooperation with ICPA and CEP organised on 15-17th May 2017 the second ‘Technology in Corrections: Challenges for the Future’ and was hosted by the Czech Prison and Probation Services. The aim of this conference was to challenge the private and academic sector to develop solutions in the field of digital technology for a number of issues that prison and probation systems currently face. This year there were over 30 innovative solutions on the programme, focused on education, reintegration and lifelong learning, on improving efficiency and collaboration within the whole correctional system and on monitoring of behaviour and activities. The conference offered a platform for public, academic and private sectors to engage in dialogue and to open the opportunity for their collaboration. About 200 participants (from prison and probation, universities and technology providers) from more than 37 countries joined in Prague to think and share their views on the future of prisons and probation and the increasing role of technology. Participants considered this conference a success that should be repeated in the future.
Presentations of the conference can be downloaded here.
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