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Good Practice Domestic Violence Expert Group

Below you can download examples of good practice programmes from the members of the Domestic Violence Expert Group:

Austria – Anti-Violence Programme

Catalonia – Domestic Violence Formative Program (VIDO) addressed to women perpetrators

Catalonia – Domestic Violence Formative Program (PF-VIDO)

England and Wales – Becoming New Me Plus (BNM+)

England and Wales – Building Better Relationships

England and Wales – Kaizen

England and Wales – New Me Strengths (NMS)

Finland – MOVE – Programme

Ireland – Choices perpetrator programme

Lithuania – Education groups for men who batter – The Duluth Model

Slovakia – Programme for perpetrators of domestic violence (PPDV)

Slovenia – Social Skills Training

Sweden – Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme (Idap)

Sweden – Predov – Preventing domestic violence

Sweden – Relational Violence Programme (RVP)