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Recordings & presentations “Justice Reform” webinar (2022)

In collaboration with Justice Reform Initiative and Penal Reform International, EuroPris was hosting a webinar on Thursday 1 December, to address the use of incarceration as a measure to solve problems often caused by social inequalities, including limited access to welfare services such as education and drug treatment.

Webinar recordings:

Interested to view the content from this webinar? Click on the images or titles below to view the videos (YouTube).

Introduction by Gustav Tallving, Executive Director, EuroPris


Elevating evidence-based justice policy and building a movement to reduce incarceration

Dr Mindy Sotiri, Executive Director, Justice Reform Initiative

Click here to download the presentation of Dr Mindy Sotiri (pdf).

Panel Discussion:

Click here to see the discussion joined by:

Rait Kuuse, Director General, Department of Prisons, Estonia

Jan-Erik Sandlie, Deputy Director General, Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service

Darren, Irish Red Cross volunteer / Ex-prisoner

Moderator: Gustav Tallving, Executive Director, EuroPris