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Report: Foreign Nationals in Cyprus Prisons (2020)

Athena Demetriou is a member of the EuroPris/CEP Foreign Nationals in Prison & Probation Expert Group and a senior prison manager in the Cyprus Prison Service (CPS). In this comprehensive paper, Athena describes the significant improvements achieved in the CPS over the past 6 years. Having one of the highest proportions of foreign national prisoners in Europe, approximately 49% from 67 countries, this paper focuses on the improvements achieved by this group, referencing CoE 2012(12) as a guide.

This paper explores how the Rules 15.1 – 34.3 from Section V. Conditions of imprisonment of the Committee of Ministers’ Recommendation 2012(12) concerning foreign prisoners, as well as the relevant EPRs and CPT Standards for foreign nationals deprived of their liberty, are applied in the CPS giving an insight into the management and treatment of FNPs. Athena particularly addresses the challenges arising from Rules 35.1 – 37.2, Section VI. Release, of the CoE Recommendation (2012) 12, explaining how they affect the prison life of FNPs and the operations of prisons.

Finally, the report highlights the importance of dynamic security staff training, explaining how good, professionally trained staff contribute to the smooth operation of prisons according to Rules 38- 39.5 of Section VII. Persons who work with foreign prisoners of the relevant Recommendation 2012 (12).

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