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CJPE Webinar: Victim’s Rights in Prison & Probation – What is Our Role? (2022)

On Thursday 3 March 2022 the Criminal Justice Platform Europe organized a webinar on Victims´ Rights with a focus on the role of prison, probation and restorative justice.

Ten years ago the EU Victims´ Right Directive was adopted by the European Comission. For the victims of crime, the adoption of the Directive was a turning point as it not only laid down a set of rights for victims but also a corresponding obligations on EU Member States.

The webinar explored how the situation has changed during the last ten years, how and to what extent the victims of crime are reflected in the work of prison and probation service, what kind of programmes are available for victims and offenders, and how it works in practice.

The webinar provided two presentations with practical examples from various EU jurisdictions on how prison and probation services cooperate with victims of crime and how the EU Victim Rights Directive is reflected in their work. The last presentation discussed the role of prison and probation in the process of practical implementation of victims´ rights with a focus on needs of victims, and outlined the key challenges and elements of cooperation between the victim and probation/prison.

Presentations are available below.