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Criminal Justice Platform Radicalisation Conference, Presentations – October 2015, Barcelona

Radicalisation and Violent Extremism – Disengagement, prevention, monitoring, 14 October 2015, Barcelona

Alberto Olalde – Dealing with reintegration of former ETA members in Basque Country – Presentation
Alberto Olalde – Restorative Encounters in Terrorist Victimization in Spain: Theoretical Reflections and Practical Insights from Social Work – Study
Carys Kenae – NOMS Provisions for Extremist Offenders and those of Concern
FIGEN ÖZSÖZ – Experiences with Right-wing Extremist Violent Offenders in German Juvenile Prisons
Harald Fosker – Testimony, Terrorist Attack Norway
Ilina Taneva – Council of Europe Draft Guidelines for prison and probation services regarding radicalisation and violent extremism
Julia Reinelt – Violence Prevention Network, A successful approach to deradicalisation
Mohamed Ajouaou – How Islamic Religious Services can contribute to preventing and countering Religious Radicalisation in Prisons
Rekha Grue Larsen – ”Back onTrack”, a pilot project
Robert Orell – Experiences from EXIT Sweden