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Notes: Real Estate & Logistics expert meeting (October, 2018)

Early October 2018, the Real Estate expert group has met in Stockholm to continue their working activities for the period 2017 to 2019. Participating experts came from Northern Ireland, Finland, Belgium, Turkey, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, and The Netherlands. During the meeting, hosted by the Swedish Prison and Probation Service (SPPS), the experts visited the Kronoborg Remand Prison and the Forensic Institution Helix in the Stockholm area. During the presentations about actual developments in their Services some other Topics were integrated into the discussions: Technology, Facility Management Delivery Models, Custodial Fixtures and Fittings, Designing Accommodation, Energy Management, Sustainability, Modern Methods of Construction. Furthermore, 2 reports that are under construction, Designing for Rehabilitation & Designing for women in Prisons were discussed.

Click download below to view the notes from the meeting.