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Presentations: Interagency Cooperation Workshop (November 2019, Barcelona)

On the 12th and 13th of November participants from prison, probation, municipalities and NGO’s gathered in Barcelona, Catalonia for the CEP and EuroPris Workshop on Interagency Cooperation. Different European countries presented good practice, successful projects and effective ways of cooperation between the different actors involved in the process from prison and probation back into the community. The following presentations were presented during the workshop:

  • Building statutory, private sector and civil society partnerships in penal resettlement: some insights from research – By Dr. Mary Corcoran
  • Reintegration of violent extremist offenders (EFUS, PREPARE) – By Moritz Konradi
  • Re-integration of foreign fighters: international conflict, local struggle – By Nadia Belkus
  • Post-Release Support Service – By Anna Pedrola
  • Sex offenders and ‘complicated’ groups – By Jānis Zārdiņš
  • STRIVE a joint agency response to crime initiative – By Rachel Lillis
  • Cooperation agreement on the integration of prisoners and people in preventive detention in Germany (State of Baden-Württemberg) – By Martin Finck
  • Hamburg Law for Resocialization and the Support and Protection of Victims – By Inga Marquardt
  • Administrative Agreement Reintegration of (ex) detainees in the Netherlands – By Arie Uyterlinde, Marja Witteveen, Monique Dijkstra , Janneke Bredewolt, Margriet te Velde and Tamara Dol
  • 15 years of cooperation prison, NGO, municipality in Spain – By Esteve Serna
  • The challenges in the protection of ex-prisoners and the community – By Duško Simić
  • Catalan Alternative Sanctions and Reintegration: Giving voice to the actors – By Laila Rauet
  • Baluard Center for Monitoring Drug Addiction – By  Sergi Salinas
  • SAH Programme to promote non-violent relationships – By Mariona Auradell
  • Young offenders with mental health and addiction problems – By Noemi del Prado and Álvaro Armendariz

Click below to download all the presentations from the workshop.