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Report: Analysis of Prison Education in Europe (2019)

This report presents an analysis of a questionnaire on prison education that was administered in the spring and summer of 2018. It has been prepared by a research team based at the Scottish Centre for Crime & Justice Research (SCCJR).

The questionnaire was commissioned by the Working Group on Prison Education, set up within EuroPris, and the questionnaire was distributed to numerous EuroPris members with additional support from the European Prison Education Association (EPEA). Of the 30 European countries that were invited to take part, 22 completed and returned a questionnaire, which accounts for a response rate of 73%.

The main aim of the survey was to gather the information that would allow the Working Group to ‘consider the nature of prison education across Europe in respect of its compliance or ability to provide education that addresses the needs of the whole person in line with the ‘Council of Europe published Recommendations on Prison Education 1990’. The results then would be able to inform deliberation about whether and how to ‘establish minimum provision [for education in prison] and promote good practice … establish links with other interventions [with the concerted objective of] promoting better integration and coordination of key rehabilitative services’ (Working Group on Prison Education, 2018).

The questionnaire comprised six sections which structure the main content of this report:

  1. Education Policy and Strategy & Priorities
  2. Content and Delivery of Prison Education
  3. Information Technology
  4. Participation Levels, and Higher Education & Distance Learning
  5. The Arts
  6. Vocational Training

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