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Expert Groups

EuroPris is uniquely an organisation of prison practitioners in Europe. It brings together practitioners in the prisons arena with the intention of promoting ethical and rights based imprisonment, exchanging best practices and providing expert assistance to support this agenda. EuroPris’ activities are targeted at advancing the operational capabilities and professionalism of prison and correction practitioners across Europe.

As part of EuroPris’ commitment to assist correctional services across the EU where possible in developing their services, the organisation has composed since 2012 a number of expert groups on the following issues: ICT in prisons; Staff training and Development; Framework Decision 2008/909/JHA – Transfer of Prisoners; Benchmarking and Statistics; Foreign nationals in Prison; Victims Support, Research and Statistics; Radicalisation in Prisons, Family Relations and Education in Prison.

Updates on the meetings and reports of these expert groups can also be found in the EuroPris newsletters.

Current Groups

Past Groups