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Article: IPA – Italian Prisoners abroad (Project update)


The situation of Italian prisoners abroad remains of great concern for the Italian Ministry of Justice even if 2019 has been characterized by a small decrease in the number of detainees held abroad. According to the latest available information of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (July 2019), there are 2,113 Italians imprisoned around the world. Concerning the geographical distribution, 1611 inmates are spending time in prison facilities within the European Union and just 8 of them are awaiting extradition. There are no available data regarding the number of people that are in the position to ask for the application of FD 2008/909 or of FD 2009/829 as well as of people that have already asked for their application and are waiting for the transfer.

With regard to non – EU Countries, data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs underline the presence of 120 Italians (only 3 of them are awaiting extradition) in non- EU Countries and 250 in the Americas (40 in Peru, 36 in Argentina, and 40 in Brazil). Italian nationals are also detained in the Middle Eastern and African Countries, amongst them, 11 are imprisoned in Morocco and 9 in the Arab Emirates.

In addition to such figures, there are 90 people held in custody in Asia and Australia and 4 in the Sub-Sahara Countries.

By Luisa Ravagnani and Nicoletta Policek

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