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About Europris

Founded in 2011, EuroPris is a non-political, non-governmental organisation connecting prison professionals around Europe.


Membership is open to all European Prison and Correctional Administrations committed to the Association’s aims and objectives.


EuroPris promotes ethical and rights-based imprisonment, facilitates information exchange, and provides expert support to members, partner organisations and policy makers.

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Discover our comprehensive services tailored for the European prison community.
Join us in advancing knowledge and cooperation within the European prison arena.
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Key Stats

different European prison administrations connected.
practitioners networked.
100001 +
partnerships with different organisations.

Our Members

EuroPris is a membership organisation that obtains its income from annual membership fees and through financial support from the Justice Programme of the European Union. Members of EuroPris are national prison agencies across Europe.

Member Benefits

Expert Groups

Get involved with our expert groups, providing a unique opportunity to contribute your expertise and learn from others.

Member Activities

Access some of EuroPris’ member-exclusive activities tailored for prison professionals across Europe.

Online Services

Unlock access to the Knowledge Management System and European Prison Information System. Collaborate, share information, and connect with European prison services.

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Latest News


Prison Achievement Award

The Prison Achievement Award celebrates annually developments and initiatives that have been implemented across Europe.

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