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Country factsheet on prison sentence execution

To enable prisoners, staff and Competent Authorities to access information about prisons in the executing state and support informed consent for transfer, EuroPris have created a resource of information sheets about prison conditions.

Through the expert group on Framework Decision 909, we have asked Member States to provide clear information about prison conditions and an overview of topics such as induction procedures, family visiting and early release arrangements.

The information included below has been provided by Member States. Countries are responsible for the information provided on these pages. We will encourage more Member States to submit the prisoner information sheets in the national language and English and update this page in due course.

Country Country factsheet 
AT (Austria) AT           EN
BE (Belgium) EN
BG (Bulgaria) Awaiting
CZ (Czech Republic) CZ           EN
CY (Cyprus) EN
DE (Germany) Awaiting
DK (Denmark) DK         EN
EE (Estonia) Awaiting
EL (Greece) EL          EN
ES (Spain) ES          EN
FI (Finland) EN         SE         FI
FR (France) Available in 10 languages
HR (Croatia) EN         HR
HU (Hungary) HU         EN
IE (Ireland) Awaiting
IT (Italy) IT & EN
LT (Lithuania) LT          EN
LU (Luxembourg) FR (2 guides in 1 file)
LV (Latvia) EN
MT (Malta) MT         EN
NL (Netherlands) NL          EN
PL (Poland) PL          EN
PT (Portugal) Awaiting
RO (Romania) RO        EN
SE (Sweden) EN
SI (Slovenia) Awaiting
SK (Slovakia) SK & EN