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Feature Article: New guide on European Court of Human Rights case law on prisoner’s rights

On 30 January, an updated guide on the European Court of Human Rights case law relating to prisoners’ rights was published on the Council of Europe website. From the introduction of the guide: “The Court is frequently called upon to rule on complaints alleging a violation of different Articles of the Convention related to the treatment of prisoners as well as restrictions on or interferences with their rights. The Court has developed abundant case-law determining the nature and scope of prisoners’ rights under the Convention and the duties of the domestic authorities as regards the treatment of prisoners. The present Guide provides an overview of the Court’s case-law related to prisoners’ rights. Its structure reflects different phases of imprisonment and elaborates on different aspects of life in prison. The Guide contains a transversal analysis of the Court’s case-law, taking into account all relevant provisions of the Convention related to prisoners’ rights.”

Click download below to read the full guide.