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Presentations: Children of Prisoners Expert meeting (October 2019, Cork)

The first Children of Prisoners Expert group meeting took place on 3-4 October 2019 in Cork and it was kindly hosted by the Irish Prison Service. Various issues concerning the children of imprisoned parents across the Europe were discussed. Below you can find the presentations of the experts of this expert group:

  1. In the best interests of the Child: From a document to reality – By Viviane Schekter & Madelein Kattel (COPE)
  2. Children with imprisoned parents (Cyprus) – By Athena Demetriou
  3. Children of prisoners (Germany) – By Justina Dzienko
  4. Children of prisoners in Hungary – By dr. Tibor Zakhar
  5. European Social Fund Project: Integration of former prisoners into society and job market – By Liga Nenaseva
  6. Children of prisoners in the Netherlands – By Marjan Wijn
  7. Children of prisoners (Norway) – By Kristin Tandberg
  8. Practices from the Romanian Prison System – By Ioana Morar
  9. Children of prisoners (Scotland) – By Dr Gill Robinson
  10. Children of prisoners (Slovakia) – By Mgr. Jan Tutoky
  11. Children of prisoners (Sweden) – By Maya Wolinder Lind
  12. Final report of the German expert group of the Federal States (Länder) – By Justina Dzienko

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