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Presentations: European Prison Regime Forum (Rome, 2017)

The European Prison Regime Forum took place in Rome on 22-23 November 2017, where highlighted topics, Vocational Training and Reintegration were discussed and prison services could exchange their best practices in the area. To view the report of the workshop, click here.

Click download below to view the presentations:

  1. Aline Bauwens – Academic approach to prison work, vocational training and reintegration
  2. Gerard Estalella – Certified vocational training & intervention model for competences
  3. Eric Bouwsma – Certified skills learning and reintegration to real jobs
  4. Immacolata Cecconi – From prison work to social reintegration: a model of intervention
  5. James King – Challenging prisoners through education
  6. Jänis Nicmanis – ESF project: integration of former offenders in society and employment market
  7. Joke van der Stricht, Jean Christian Meyer – Resocialisation of prisoners – A Luxembourgish perspective
  8. Kieran Moylan – Training and employment supports provided to prisoners in Ireland
  9. Muriel Jourdan-Ethvignot – Roadmap: Prison based rehabilitation programmes
  10. Sonja Rems-Majerle & Simona Zagorc – ESF project: Education for integration on labor market and social reintegration
  11. Final Statement