Real Estate/Logistics

Expert Group Meeting

Update 21 November 2016


The expert group on Real estate & logistics met for the second time this year. After the first meeting the group drafted a report on Public Private Participation for the construction of new prisons. Download the report here. The second meeting of the group was hosted by the Criminal Sanctions Agency in Helsinki on 12 & 13 October. The main subject of the meeting was Prison design. Experts from Northern Ireland, England, Slovenia, Belgium, Czech Republic and Finland shared their current prison design projects. Discussions also included: stakeholder involvement and reviews to assess needs and to define design requirements, design criteria and standards setting, tender evaluation and long-term strategic planning. The group will draft a report on Prison design that will be published at the beginning of next year on the EuroPris website. Presentations of the meeting can be downloaded here.

Update 21 & 22 April 2016


A subgroup of the Real estate and Logistics expert group met on 20-22 April in the Netherlands to discuss and in-depth investigate on the subject of Private Public Partnership. The meeting was co-hosted by the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency. As a result of a meeting, a report was drafted elaborating the what, why, how and when to use PPP for cooperation between the government and the private sector in the construction of new prisons. The report also discusses the different types and phases of PPP, as well as lessons learned and conclusions. Download the full report here.

First meeting 5 & 6 November 2015

The first Meeting of the EuroPris Real Estate/Logistics Expert Group took place on 5 & 6 November 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal. The group was comprised of representatives from 11 European National Agencies (Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, England, Czech Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Northern Ireland, Slovenia and Turkey). During the meeting, the experts shared details on their current work, significant projects in which they are engaged and challenges that they face, explored the topic of  Public Private Partnership and prison architecture and decided on the next steps of the Expert Group.

Download the Real Estate/Logistics Expert Group Meeting Notes.

Background Information

Prisons in Europe are not only very different within one country, but also vary much between  countries and regions. Many questions arise when it comes to planning, constructing, renovating prison facilities. Are they fit for their purpose in the 21st century? Are current prisons unjustifiably expensive? How could savings be made on real estate ? How could prison premises become structurally more efficient and how to deal with underlying drivers of inefficiency? How could we be more effective with a better design and location choice?

Some countries in Europe replace old, expensive to maintain and ill equipped prisons with new buildings. What is their new for old strategy? What are the experiences with private public sector arrangements? How do we introduce more flexibility into real estate – enabling us to better respond to changes in the prison population? How could we realize more efficient prison buildings – with lower running costs, reductions in maintenance spending and an intelligent use of technology.

EuroPris’ aim is to bring practitioners in the prisons’ arena together to promote ethical and rights-based imprisonment, improve prison conditions and the professionalism of staff. Prison and correctional Services in Europe face similar problems but do not necessarily share similar levels in development or resources. It is therefore critical for correctional professionals to develop common solutions. EuroPris plays an important role in advancing the exchange of knowledge and best practice throughout Europe. EuroPris Expert Group on Real Estate and Housing has been established to advance these aims and goals.

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