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Presentations: FNPP Workshop (October, 2018)

On 9-10 October, EuroPris and CEP organized jointly the 3rd Foreign Nationals in Prison and Probation workshop in The Hague, Netherlands. The workshop was co-hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security. At the workshop, the participants discussed the challenges that prison and probation services are facing as regards foreign nationals in their prisons and how these are addressed by the different countries. Additionally, the transfer of prison and probation sentences under the respective EC Framework Decisions was discussed as well as international resettlement practices. To view the presentations, click download below.

  1. Adrienne Darragh – Approaches to the international resettlement of foreign prisoners and anti-trafficking work of a non-governmental organisation
  2. Caroline Wasler – Foreign offenders in Austria, a Prison and Probation perspective
  3. Dorien Brosens – Foreign National Prisoners participation in prison: Research Insights from Flanders, Belgium
  4. Elisa Querci -Re-establishing family links for foreign nationals in prison detention
  5. Femke Hofstee-van der Meulen – National policy into local practice, foreign prisoners
  6. Gerard Ploeg – The Norwegian situation
  7. Gisella Conrad – EU Framework Decision 947, Transfer of community sanctions – theory into practice
  8. Ibra Mbaye – Reintegration in the country of origin programme
  9. Katja Dogovic – Preparation for prison transfer under Framework Decision 909, ‘What can prisons do’?
  10. Marcelo Aebi & Natalia Delgrande – Foreign offenders in Europe – what do statistics tell us?
  11. Michele Demierre – ISS
  12. Nick Hammond & Isabelle Storme – Good Practice Manual & E-learning Manual
  13. Riccardo Turrini Vita – Foreign offenders in the Italian System of execution
  14. Tijs Bagchus – National policy into local practice, foreign prisoners
  15. Virginie Nouaille – French intervention
  16. Yuri Zelentsev – Safe Way Home Project